ENVO Electric Bicycles

Engineered in Canada, the ENVO Stax is a very light and sustainable electric bike with safe and reliable battery construction. The ENVO Stax comes standard with 500W of power, hydraulic disc brakes, built-in LED lighting, and an 8-speed Shimano transmission. The design puts aesthetic and pleasure first, yet does not sacrifice on motor performance or torque. The ENVO Stax is designed to provide riders with a natural and familiar riding experience akin to that of a traditional bicycle, which makes it an excellent option for millennials and Gen Z riders who are looking for a good-looking, sleek, electric bike that is premium yet affordable.

Total Weight: 19 Kg/ 42 lbs

Max Power: 500W

Max Speed: 32 km/h / 20mph

Range: 100 Km / 62 miles

Max Torque: 60 Nm